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A high standard recording with exceptional compositions, based on a.o. music of North-India, Carnatica, Byzantic melodies of Greece. The last piece of this album is called 'Prelude to a moment of Silence......'
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Resonant Light: Compositions by Annette Kruisbrink

Annette Kruisbrink -  composer
Arlette Ruelens - guitar
Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: DZ1480
Format: CD
Annette Kruisbrink
Annette Kruisbrink (born 1958, The Netherlands) studied the guitar with Pieter van der Staak at the Conservatoire of Music in Zwolle. She attended masterclasses conducted by Leo Brouwer, John Mills, Toyohiko Satoh and many others. She subsequently trained herself to play the flamenco guitar and the vihuela. She studied composition with Alex Manassen and attended composition classes run by a.o. Nigel Osborne and Claudio Prieto.

She has composed over 200 compositions which have been published by Les Productions d'OZ, Canada and various European publishing houses.

She has won international prizes and awards for her compositions. She was commissioned by a.o. the NCRV (Dutch radio and television), Huismuziek, Guitar Festival Zwolle, Theatre Odeon Zwolle, Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst and Novam.

Annette Kruisbrink gives recitals and masterclasses in guitar/composition in a.o. The Netherlands, Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Luxemburg, Italy, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland. With the Belgian guitarist Arlette Ruelens she forms The Anido Guitarduo. With the Dutch soprano Franka van Essen she forms the duo Kruisbrink & Van Essen.

She currently teaches guitar at the Anido Guitar School. From 2000-2010 she taught contemporary music and ethno music at the Conservatoire of Music in Zwolle, Holland.

She is frequently invited to be a member of the panel for international guitar and composition competitions.

Annette has produced twenty CDs of her compositions.
Arlette Ruelens
Arlette Ruelens is a Belgian guitarist and painter, living in The Netherlands. When she was seven years old, she started having lessons on the banjo. Later she learnt to play the cello and the piano. She studied the classical guitar at the Conservatoire of Music in Zwolle. Arlette plays many concerts in various ensembles, amongst others with Annette Kruisbrink with whom she formed The Anido Guitar Duo. She is an enthusiastic and devoted guitar teacher at various music schools. Besides being a guitarist she is active as a painter. She received her education at the "Provincial Higher Institute for Arteducation" of Hasselt (Belgium).