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Chamber Music of Sy Brandon featuring the winners of the 2007 Co-op Press Recording Competition and Cincinnati's Premiere Chamber Ensemble, Conundrum.


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Collage: Chamber Music of Sy Brandon

Katherine Young - Oboe
Naomi Gray - Cello
Marguerite Lynn Williams - Harp
Abigail Kegel Walsh - Flute
Jared Elder - Guitar

Label: Emeritus
Item Number: EM081
Format: CD


 Sy Brandon
Meditation And Dance   01.  Meditation And Dance   10:23
              by Sy Brandon
Scenes From Tom Sawyer
Prelude - Sunrise, Mid-Day, And Sunset Over Hannibal, Missouri   02.     I. Prelude - Sunrise, Mid-Day, And Sunset Over Hannibal, Missouri   5:25
Tom Showing Off for Becky   03.     II. Tom Showing Off for Becky   1:26
Tom Declares His Love For Becky   04.     III. Tom Declares His Love For Becky   2:54
Tom Takes Becky's Punishment   05.     IV. Tom Takes Becky's Punishment   3:23
The Glorious Whitewasher   06.     V. The Glorious Whitewasher   2:40
The Pirates On The Island   07.     VI. The Pirates On The Island   4:51
Three Preludes
Maestoso   08.     I. Maestoso   2:52
Allegro   09.     II. Allegro   2:33
Lento rubato - Moderato   10.     III. Lento rubato - Moderato   3:06
Lento - Allegro   11.     I. Lento - Allegro   2:18
Allegretto   12.     II. Allegretto   2:25
Allegro   13.     III. Allegro   3:33
Four Poems - Conundrum
O Captain! my Captain!   14.     I. O Captain! my Captain!   5:28
Solitude   15.     II. Solitude   4:02
The Road Not Taken   16.     III. The Road Not Taken   3:31
Annabel Lee   17.     IV. Annabel Lee   5:19