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The Third Angle New Music ensemble proves once again that it is among America's foremost presenters of contemporary music in this varied and challenging program of chamber works by Bryan Johanson.


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Chamber Music of Bryan Johanson

Bryan Johanson - Guitar
Ron Blessinger - Violin and Cello
Meridith Rodig - Violin
Martha Herby - Flute
Mark Goodenberger - Percussion
Jeffrey Peyton - percussion and marimba
Anna Schaum - Viola
Todd Kuhns - Clarinet

Label: Gagliano Recordings
Item Number: GR-605-CD
Format: CD


 Bryan Johanson
Strum Und Jam   01.  Strum Und Jam   10:42
              by Bryan Johanson
Quiet Night Thoughts   02.  Quiet Night Thoughts   8:16
              by Bryan Johanson
The Rat Catcher's Dance   03.  The Rat Catcher's Dance   7:43
              by Bryan Johanson
String Quartet   04.  String Quartet   16:37
              by Bryan Johanson