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Chamber music works featuring the cello, by two of Canada's most prolific and performed composers.


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Oeuvres de Jacques Hétu et André Prévost

Yegor Dyachkov - Cello
Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne - Chamber Orchestra
Jean Saulnier - Piano

Label: Productions d'Oz
Item Number: DO505
Format: CD

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Jacques Hétu: Sonate, Op. 63 (cello and piano)
Largo   01.     I. Largo   6:02$1.00
Scherzo   02.     II. Scherzo   3:51$1.00
Aria   03.     III. Aria   5:08$1.00
Prélude et danse, Op. 24 (piano)   04.  Prélude et danse, Op. 24 (piano)   6:03
              by Jacques Hétu
Improvisation (cello and piano)   05.  Improvisation (cello and piano)   7:18
              by André Prévost
Sonate No. 2 (cello and piano)   06.  Sonate No. 2 (cello and piano)   14:43
              by André Prévost
Menuhin: Présence (cell and ensemble)   07.  Menuhin: Présence (cell and ensemble)   25:14
              by André Prévost