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All the evidence heard on this brief recording shows Anido to be an especially talented composer in her native style. All the 'expected' elements are heard here: exciting rhythms, percussion, lyrically attractive pieces in both happy and mournful mode, etc.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar)
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Impresiones Argentinas
Annette Kruisbrink
Arlette Ruelens - guitar
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Impresiones Argentinas by Maria Luisa Anido
Preludio Pampeano01.I. Preludio Pampeano   2:51
Catamarqueña02.II. Catamarqueña   2:23
Santiagueña03.III. Santiagueña   2:22
Canto de la Llanura04.IV. Canto de la Llanura   2:24
El Misachico05.V. El Misachico   2:51
Triste nr.106.VI. Triste nr.1   3:02
Preludio Criollo07.VII. Preludio Criollo   1:18
Boceto Indígena08.VIII. Boceto Indígena   3:40
Variaciones Camperas09.IX. Variaciones Camperas   1:46
Total Playing Time: 22:37