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This recording serves as a tribute to the many fine composers who have chosen to entrust their visions of the world's rich, diverse regions and people, both real and mythical, to the iridescent voice of the oboe. --Nancy Ambrose King
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Nancy Ambrose King
Charlotte Mattax - Harpsichord
Sylvia Wang - Piano
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Piece en Forme de Habanera01.Maurice Ravel: Piece en Forme de Habanera   3:31
With: Sylvia Wang - Piano
Tunis Nefta02.Jacques Ibert: Tunis Nefta from Escales, No. 2   3:10
With: Sylvia Wang - Piano
Italian Dance03.Madeleine Dring: Italian Dance   2:13
With: Sylvia Wang - Piano
Benjamin Britten: Six Metamorpnoses after Ovid, Op. 49
Pan04.I. Pan   2:17
Phaeton05.II. Phaeton   1:22
Niobe06.III. Niobe   2:38
Bacchus07.IV. Bacchus   2:10
Narcissus08.V. Narcissus   2:53
Arethusa09.VI. Arethusa   2:33
Les Folies d'Espagne10.Marin Marais: Les Folies d'Espagne   10:43
With: Charlotte Mattax - Harpsichord, Sylvia Wang - Piano
Grazyna Bacewicz: Sonatina
Allegretto11.I. Allegretto   3:01
With: Sylvia Wang - Piano
Kanon-Lento12.II. Kanon-Lento   2:45
With: Sylvia Wang - Piano
Allegro non troppo13.III. Allegro non troppo   3:33
With: Sylvia Wang - Piano
Henri Tomasi: Évocations for Oboe Solo
Peruvienne14.I. Peruvienne   2:28
Nigrienne15.II. Nigrienne   2:14
Cambodgienne16.III. Cambodgienne   2:54
Ecossaise17.IV. Ecossaise   1:50
Morceau de Salon, Op. 22818.Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda: Morceau de Salon, Op. 228   9:03
With: Sylvia Wang - Piano
Total Playing Time: 1:01:18