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The Coopers leave audiences sweetly charmed with stirring and darkly enchanting performances.
-Pepe Romero

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Night of Four Moons
Kevin Cooper -  Guitar
Catherine Cooper - Mezzo-soprano
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Dusan Bogdanovic: Native American Songs
01.I the Song   1:56
02.II. We Only Came to Dream   2:20
03.III. Like a String of Jade Jewels   2:41
04.IV. In the Midst of the Paths   1:58
05.V. The Agaya Crab   1:26
06.Castles of the White City   3:49
by Dusan Bogdanovic
Steven Gates: Madrigals
07.I. Murio al amanecer   6:06
08.II. Sin arrimo y con arrimo   7:05
09.Paisaje cubano con tristeza   5:36
by Leo Brouwer
Leo Brouwer: Dos Canciones
10.I. Poema   1:49
11.II. Madrigalillo   2:44
Frederick Lesemann: Three Songs
12.I See My Plaint   2:30
13.II. Love Whom You Wish   1:44
14.III. Nature   3:30
15.Green to Blue   6:42
by Barry McNaughton
16.Rozhinkes mit mandlen   2:58
by David Leisner
Dusan Bogdanovic: Two Songs
17.I. La medianoche   2:56
18.II. Meciendo   3:36
Total Playing Time: 1:01:26