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Dusan Bogdanovic proves once again to be one of the true originals of the guitar. His music shows a complete mastery of ethnic folk, jazz, and classical traditions.
Other recordings by Dusan Bogdanovic:

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Canticles: Chamber Music of Dusan Bogdanovic
Dusan Bogdanovic -  Guitar
André Papillon - Flute
Antoine Garth - Tenor
Rafael Hoekman - Cello
The Gruber-Maklar Duo - Guitars
The TME Ensemble - conducted by Claudio Morbo
Vismaya Lhi - Soprano
Yanick Chenevert - Double Bass
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Crow by Dusan Bogdanovic
Two Legends - Lineage01.I. Two Legends - Lineage   8:20
How Water Began to Play02.II. How Water Began to Play   5:46
Prelude to the Examination03.III. Prelude to the Examination   2:44
Examination at the Womb-Door04.IV. Examination at the Womb-Door   2:49
Littleblood05.V. Littleblood   2:58
Quatre Pièces Intimes by Dusan Bogdanovic
Prière06.I. Prière   1:55
Mouvement07.II. Mouvement   2:58
La Harpe de David08.III. La Harpe de David   2:33
Chant09.IV. Chant   2:05
Pays de la ausencia10.Pays de la ausencia from Five Songs   5:57
Canticles by Dusan Bogdanovic
Allegro trasparente11.I. Allegro trasparente   4:09
Adagio espressivo12.II. Adagio espressivo   4:49
Allegro brillante13.III. Allegro brillante   2:41
Like a String of Jade Jewels by Dusan Bogdanovic
I the Song14.I the Song   1:59
In the Midst of the Paths15.II. In the Midst of the Paths   1:50
The Agaya Crab16.III. The Agaya Crab   1:15
Balkan Mosaic by Dusan Bogdanovic
Utarnje Kolo (Morning Dance)17.I. Utarnje Kolo (Morning Dance)   1:02
Zalopojka (Lament)18.II. Zalopojka (Lament)   1:25
Vranjanka (Dance from Vranje)19.III. Vranjanka (Dance from Vranje)   1:33
Makedonsko Kolo (Macedonian Dance)20.IV. Makedonsko Kolo (Macedonian Dance)   0:47
Siroko (Wide Song)21.V. Siroko (Wide Song)   2:49
Sitni Vez (Tiny-knit Dance)22.VI. Sitni Vez (Tiny-knit Dance)   1:47
Total Playing Time: 1:04:11