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Works for Solo Guitar by Donald Crockett, premiered by Brian Head
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Donald Crockett: The Falcon's Eye [&] Winter Variations
Brian Head -  Guitar
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The Falcon's Eye by Donald Crockett
Guiding the Minotaur01.I. Guiding the Minotaur   1:29
Sonorous Pagodas02.II. Sonorous Pagodas   3:52
Under Violets03.III. Under Violets   2:35
Scatter the Ashes04.IV. Scatter the Ashes   1:18
Bells in Winter05.V. Bells in Winter   4:32
Flint06.VI. Flint   2:24
The Weapons of a Goddess07.VII. The Weapons of a Goddess   5:08
Scarab08.VIII. Scarab   3:38
The Falcon's Eye09.IX. The Falcon's Eye   3:28
Night Music10.X. Night Music   2:54
That Clear Autumnal Weather of Eternity11.XI. That Clear Autumnal Weather of Eternity   3:33
Broken Mirror12.XII. Broken Mirror   3:01
Winter Variations by Donald Crockett
(measure 1)13.I. (measure 1)   3:56
(measure 78)14.II. (measure 78)   2:38
(measure 155)15.III. (measure 155)   3:31
(measure 253)16.IV. (measure 253)   3:06
(measure 306)17.V. (measure 306)   2:23
(measure 400)18.VI. (measure 400)   4:00
Total Playing Time: 57:26