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Other recordings by Atanas Ourkouzounov:

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Bul-Bop: Works for Flute and Guitar
Atanas Ourkouzounov -  Guitar, Composer
Mie Ogura - Flute
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Sonatine by Atanas Ourkouzounov
Mouvement bulgare01.I. Mouvement bulgare   2:32
Comme un chant02.II. Comme un chant   4:26
Rondeau serbe03.III. Rondeau serbe   3:08
Bul-Bop04.Bul-Bop   4:54
Three East Tales by Atanas Ourkouzounov
The Fox's Dance05.I. The Fox's Dance   2:45
The Red Elf's Lullaby06.II. The Red Elf's Lullaby   3:02
Dracula's Caprice07.III. Dracula's Caprice   2:16
4 Legends by Atanas Ourkouzounov
Kukeri (Masquerade)08.I. Kukeri (Masquerade)   2:32
Makedonska pesen (Macedonian song)09.II. Makedonska pesen (Macedonian song)   3:20
Hitar Petar (Naughty Peter)10.III. Hitar Petar (Naughty Peter)   2:39
Sabor (Traditional Fair)11.IV. Sabor (Traditional Fair)   2:27
Babini Devetini by Atanas Ourkouzounov
Capriccioso12.I. Capriccioso   1:41
Lento lamentoso13.II. Lento lamentoso   2:32
Scherzando14.III. Scherzando   1:30
Moderato15.IV. Moderato   1:06
Lento e lontano16.V. Lento e lontano   1:19
Labyrinthes by Atanas Ourkouzounov
Cadenza17.I. Cadenza   2:42
Interlude18.II. Interlude   2:14
Toccata19.III. Toccata   3:47
Total Playing Time: 50:52