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Soundset Recordings
Contemporary chamber music for flute and clarinet performed by Nicole McPherson, flute and Andrew Seigel, clarinet.

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American Kaleidoscope
The Silverwind Duo
Nicole McPherson - Flute
Andrew Seigel - Clarinet
Label: Emeritus Recordings
Item Number: EM102
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2010
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Gary Schocker: Airheads
I.01.  I.   1:18
II.02.  II.   2:00
III.03.  III.   0:54
Sy Brandon: Kaleidoscope
Quadrangles04.  I. Quadrangles   2:21
Ellipsoids05.  II. Ellipsoids   2:39
Pentagons06.  III. Pentagons   2:31
Triangles07.  IV. Triangles   2:00
Shadows08.  Jane Brockman: Shadows   4:54
Robert Russell Bennett: Suite
Toe Dance09.  I. Toe Dance   1:22
Medium Bounce10.  II. Medium Bounce   0:47
Panama11.  III. Panama   1:13
Cowboy Song12.  IV. Cowboy Song   1:59
Low-Down Hoe-Down13.  V. Low-Down Hoe-Down   1:12
Strauss Waltz14.  VI. Strauss Waltz   1:13
Horse Race15.  VII. Horse Race   1:19
Cynthia Folio: Developing Hues
Satin White16.  I. Satin White   4:14
Cerulean Blue17.  II. Cerulean Blue   3:51
Cadmium Red Light18.  III. Cadmium Red Light   2:48
Robert Wykes: Three Facets of Friendship
First Affections19.  I. First Affections   2:59
Being Apart20.  II. Being Apart   1:55
Reunion21.  III. Reunion   1:47
Philip Parker: Games
Leap Frog22.  I. Leap Frog   1:07
Follow the Leader23.  II. Follow the Leader   2:21
Hopscotch24.  III. Hopscotch   1:13
Tag25.  IV. Tag   1:06