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Project Director Don Liuzzi is joined by his Philadelphia Orchestra percussion colleagues, Anthony Orlando and Angela Zator Nelson and Philadelphia Orchestra violinists, Chantal Julliet and Hirono Oka, and alto saxophonist, Marshall Taylor, in spectacular performances by distinguished composers, Maurice Wright, Nick Rissman and William Kraft.
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Movement in Time
Philadelphia Percussion Project
Marshall Taylor - alto saxophone
Hirono Oka - violin
Chantal Julliet - violin
Angela Zator Nelson - percussion
Anthony Orlando - percussion
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Maurice Wright: Grand Duo
Hurried01.I. Hurried   1:39
Brisk, Strong02.II. Brisk, Strong   2:07
Uneasily03.III. Uneasily   2:17
Lyrical04.IV. Lyrical   3:34
Deliberate05.V. Deliberate   2:24
Nick Rissman: McCoy's Mountain
Arrival at the Mountain06.I. Arrival at the Mountain   3:08
Soft Creek07.II. Soft Creek   4:27
Wild Ride08.III. Wild Ride   3:49
Movement In Time09.Maurice Wright: Movement In Time   12:30
Scherzo for Violin, Piano & Vibraphone10.Nick Rissman: Scherzo for Violin, Piano & Vibraphone   10:49
Maurice Wright: Suite for Percussion & Electronic Sound
Marimba Music; Interlude11.I. Marimba Music; Interlude   10:29
Set-Up Music12.II. Set-Up Music   12:27
Encounters IX13.William Kraft: Encounters IX   9:53
With: Marshall Taylor - alto saxophone
Total Playing Time: 1:19:33