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Nocturnal is Todd Yukumoto's second release on the Equilibrium label, Blue, being the first. His pianist collaborator, Carla McElhaney, is the perfect match with Todd's consumate artistry.
Other recordings by Todd Yukumoto:

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Todd Yukumoto -  saxophone
Carla McElhaney - piano
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James Barry: Short Stories
Propulsive01.I. Propulsive   1:38
Broadly, quite free02.II. Broadly, quite free   1:45
Somewhat free03.III. Somewhat free   1:59
Laid back04.IV. Laid back   3:11
Air for Alto05.Arthur Frackenpohl: Air for Alto   6:28
Thomas Osborne: Nocturnal
12:00 AM: Voices in the Dark (With Bell Tolling in the Distance)06.I. 12:00 AM: Voices in the Dark (With Bell Tolling in the Distance)   2:32
1:28 AM: Staring at the Traces of Passing Headlights07.II. 1:28 AM: Staring at the Traces of Passing Headlights   4:03
2:52 AM: Insomnia08.III. 2:52 AM: Insomnia   4:02
3:46 AM: Howling09.IV. 3:46 AM: Howling   4:51
4:59 AM: Phosphorescent Fireflies10.V. 4:59 AM: Phosphorescent Fireflies   1:39
Astor Piazzolla: Histoire du Tango
Bordel 190011.I. Bordel 1900   3:47
Café 193012.II. Café 1930   8:12
Night-Club 196013.III. Night-Club 1960   6:32
Concert d’aujourd’hui14.IV. Concert d’aujourd’hui   3:16
Sonata15.Allen Trubitt: Sonata   9:33
Milonga del Ángel16.Astor Piazzolla: Milonga del Ángel   3:50
Total Playing Time: 1:07:18