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The Soul Fox
Julia Broxholm -  Soprano
Russell Miller - Piano
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Lori Laitman: The Soul Fox
1. The Man Who Lied01.1. The Man Who Lied   2:38
2. Sarong Song02.2. Sarong Song   7:20
3. Aubade03.3. Aubade   1:53
4. Night Song04.4. Night Song   5:20
5. The Soul Fox05.5. The Soul Fox   3:23
Ah, Love But a Day!06.Amy Beach: Ah, Love But a Day! from 3 Browning Songs, Op. 44   3:35
Eric Ewazen: Three Lyrics of Edna St. Vincent Millay
1. God’s World07.1. God’s World   3:22
2. Wraith08.2. Wraith   4:25
3. Afternoon on a Hill09.3. Afternoon on a Hill   2:08
Little Elegy (Elinor Wylie)10.John Duke: Little Elegy (Elinor Wylie)   1:24
On a Singing Girl (Elinor Wylie)11.Ned Rorem: On a Singing Girl (Elinor Wylie)   1:17
A Shepherd (Walter de la Mare)12.Theodore Chanler: A Shepherd (Walter de la Mare)   1:04
Mistress Hew (Walter de la Mare)13.Theodore Chanler: Mistress Hew (Walter de la Mare)   1:57
A Midget (Walter de la Mare)14.Theodore Chanler: A Midget (Walter de la Mare)   1:59
Three Husbands (Walter de la Mare)15.Theodore Chanler: Three Husbands (Walter de la Mare)   1:09
Epitaph of a Young Girl (tombstone)16.Richard Hundley: Epitaph of a Young Girl (tombstone)   1:58
Isaac Greentree (S. Palmer Epitaph Collection)17.Richard Hundley: Isaac Greentree (S. Palmer Epitaph Collection)   1:34
The Astronomers (tombstone)18.Richard Hundley: The Astronomers (tombstone)   1:59
Little Elegy (Elinor Wylie)19.Ned Rorem: Little Elegy (Elinor Wylie)   1:23
Ned Rorem: Women's Voices
1. Now let no charitable hope (Elinor Wylie)20.1. Now let no charitable hope (Elinor Wylie)   2:04
2. A birthday (Christina Georgina Rossetti)21.2. A birthday (Christina Georgina Rossetti)   1:37
3. To my dear and loving husband (Anne Bradstreet)22.3. To my dear and loving husband (Anne Bradstreet)   2:21
4. To the ladies (Mary Lee, Lady Chudleigh)23.4. To the ladies (Mary Lee, Lady Chudleigh)   1:36
5. If ever hapless woman had a cause (Mary Herbert)24.5. If ever hapless woman had a cause (Mary Herbert)   3:03
6. We never said farewell (Mary Coleridge)25.6. We never said farewell (Mary Coleridge)   2:37
7. The Stranger (Adrienne Rich)26.7. The Stranger (Adrienne Rich)   3:27
8. What inn is this (Emily Dickinson)27.8. What inn is this (Emily Dickinson)   1:19
9. Defiled is my name (Anne Boleyn)28.9. Defiled is my name (Anne Boleyn)   1:27
10. Electrocution (Lola Ridge)29.10. Electrocution (Lola Ridge)   2:21
11. Smile, Death (Charlotte Mew)30.11. Smile, Death (Charlotte Mew)   3:06
Total Playing Time: 1:14:46