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Recorded in 2018, KaleidosCoping features 21st century works by Miguel del Aguila, Alyssa Morris and Andrey Rubstov for flute, oboe and piano.

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Celeste Johnson -  Oboe
Michael Gordon - Flute
Sean Chen - Piano
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Seduction Dance01.Miguel Del Aguila: Seduction Dance   9:25
Alyssa Morris: Coping
Counting, Breathing02.I. Counting, Breathing   4:52
Praying03.II. Praying   5:02
Running04.III. Running   4:16
Alyssa Morris: Coastal Kaleidoscope
Waves05.I. Waves   5:08
Seals06.II. Seals   3:11
Spring Tide07.III. Spring Tide   3:12
Marbella Fantasy08.Andrey Rubtsov: Marbella Fantasy   9:05