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Outstanding performances of contemporary flute and percussion music including Lou Harrison's First Concerto for Flute and Percussion and Cindy McTee's Stepping Out. Including six new works by Michael Udow, Payton MacDonald and Jessica Johnson. Rhythmically resounding, melodious, compositionally sound.
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Verederos: Music for Flute and Percussion
Payton MacDonald -  percussion
Jessica Johnson - flute
Payton MacDonald - marimba, vibraphone, percussion
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Prelude #101.Payton MacDonald: Prelude #1   2:26
Lou Harrison: Concerto #1 for Flute and Percussion
Earnest, Fresh, and Fastish02.I. Earnest, Fresh, and Fastish   1:58
Slow and Poignant03.II. Slow and Poignant   3:42
Strong, Swinging, and Fastish04.III. Strong, Swinging, and Fastish   2:06
Payton MacDonald: Eros
I.05.I.   2:19
II.06.II.   1:54
III.07.III.   3:50
Dreams from a Bayou, Long Ago But Not Forgotten08.Michael Udow: Dreams from a Bayou, Long Ago But Not Forgotten   14:21
Devil Dance09.Payton MacDonald: Devil Dance   4:03
Honami10.Wil Offermans: Honami   7:44
Cindy McTee: Stepping Out
Allegro, con Brio11.I. Allegro, con Brio   1:03
Stepping Out - Lento, con Passione12.II. Stepping Out - Lento, con Passione   2:30
Allegro, con Zelo13.III. Allegro, con Zelo   2:03
Payton MacDonald: Tales of Conquest
I.14.I.   1:29
II.15.II.   2:42
III.16.III.   3:18
Payton MacDonald, Jessica Johnson: Episodes of the Postmodern Soul
I.17.I.   5:34
II.18.II.   6:44
Total Playing Time: 1:09:46