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Verederos was formed in 1994. The word verederos is a combination of the words "verity," meaning truth, and Eros, the Greek god of passion and desire. Since 1999, the duo has participated in the highly acclaimed New Performing Arts rural residency program. In 1997 Payton and Jessica released their first CD, Verederos: Music for Flute and Percussion, under the Equilibrium label.
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Verederos: In Common
Payton MacDonald -  percussion
Jessica Johnson - Flute
Payton MacDonald - percussion
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Frame01.Graham Fitkin: Frame   10:20
Lou Harrison: Ariadne
Abandoned02.I. Abandoned   2:58
The Triumph of Ariadne and Dionysos03.II. The Triumph of Ariadne and Dionysos   3:55
Payton MacDonald: Preludes for Flute and Marimba
II.04.II.   3:51
III.05.III.   4:38
IV.06.IV.   5:03
Preludes for Flute and Marimba07.Stuart Saunders Smith: Preludes for Flute and Marimba   4:13
Ikky Gober08.Payton MacDonald: Ikky Gober   7:38
Con moto09.Joseph Michaels: Con moto   4:47
Ralph Shapey: Movement of Varied Moments For Two
III. Cantabile10.III. Cantabile   2:04
IV. Vivo11.IV. Vivo   1:10
V. Dolce12.V. Dolce   2:35
VI. Rhythmic13.VI. Rhythmic   1:01
VII. Cantabile14.VII. Cantabile   2:25
Aus Dem Knast Für Tiere Wird Ein 15.Cenk Ergun: Aus Dem Knast Für Tiere Wird Ein    5:02
Music For Two16.John Cage: Music For Two   7:14
Total Playing Time: 1:08:54