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Blue brings together six works for saxophone and piano, instruments which often straddle the line between musical boundaries. Four University of Hawaii composers have created works influenced by jazz and related idioms. The result is a collection of pieces which display elements of jazz to varying degrees.
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Blue: New Music from Hawaii
Todd Yukumoto -  saxophone
HyeKyung Lee - piano
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Boxsteps for Two01.E. Takeo Kudo: Boxsteps for Two   9:01
Donald Reid Womack: Blue Two
A Cool Blue02.I. A Cool Blue   9:07
A Quiet Blue03.II. A Quiet Blue   6:10
HyeKyung Lee: Sonatina for Soprano Saxophone and Piano
Allegro04.I. Allegro   4:24
Largo05.II. Largo   2:56
Allegretto06.III. Allegretto   8:14
Musique légère07.HyeKyung Lee: Musique légère   8:41
Dances We Dance08.Byron K. Yasui: Dances We Dance   7:27
Donald Reid Womack: 3D
Damage09.I. Damage   3:25
Distance10.II. Distance   7:57
Disarray11.III. Disarray   4:32
Total Playing Time: 1:11:54