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Soundset Recordings
It is the responsibility of the performing artist not only to recreate and interpret music written in the past, but to encourage and foster the creation of new music. Shared Spaces is the cumulative effort of many musicians toward this goal. These recordings were made over the course of seven years in three states. All of the music was the result of performers commissioning composers to write chamber music.

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Shared Spaces
John Beck -  percussion
Varius Artists
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Shared Spaces01.Lynn Glasscock: Shared Spaces   11:08
Ancient Methods02.Nick Rissman: Ancient Methods   5:59
Windhorse03.Peter Hatch: Windhorse   
Verne Reynolds: Divertimento for Wind Quintet and Percussion
Overture04.I. Overture   5:27
Intermezzo05.II. Intermezzo   3:39
Arias06.III. Arias   6:40
Recitative and Finale07.IV. Recitative and Finale   5:10
A Command Performance for the King of Tonga08.J. Mark Scearce: A Command Performance for the King of Tonga   4:45
Ashfall09.Mark Schultz: Ashfall   10:25
Total Playing Time: 53:13