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Igor Lešnik has lead the Croatian Radio Symphony orchestra percussion section since 1984, and has been organizing international percussion events since 1990. His compositions are part of concert programs of renowned soloists and ensembles around the globe. Jeunesses Musicales Croatia was founded under the leadership of Igor Lešnik. Winning the Percussive Arts Society BiNg bang's performing members are the best percussion students of Croatia.
Other recordings by Igor Lešnik:

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biNg bang plays lešnik
Igor Lešnik -  percussion
biNg bang: Jeunesses Musicales Croatia - percussion
Tamara Felbinger Franetovic - soprano
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Dwarfs by Igor Lešnik
Dawn01.I. Dawn   5:39
The Temple of Blue Dwarfs02.II. The Temple of Blue Dwarfs   6:22
Carpet Ride03.III. Carpet Ride   4:52
EE-Huh Theme04.IV. EE-Huh Theme   2:54
Hommage a Ball by Igor Lešnik
Credo05.I. Credo   3:12
With: Tamara Felbinger Franetovic - soprano
Pas de Deux06.II. Pas de Deux   2:25
With: Tamara Felbinger Franetovic - soprano
Deadly Unplugged07.III. Deadly Unplugged   5:12
With: Tamara Felbinger Franetovic - soprano
All'inizio08.IV. All'inizio   2:37
With: Tamara Felbinger Franetovic - soprano
Concerto for Percussion and Percussion by Igor Lešnik
Allegro09.I. Allegro   6:06
Adagio moderato10.II. Adagio moderato   4:34
Presto, Cadenza - Finale11.III. Presto, Cadenza - Finale   5:37
Chamade Suite by Igor Lešnik
Chamade12.I. Chamade   3:34
Retraite13.II. Retraite   2:45
Diane14.III. Diane   1:20
Total Playing Time: 57:09