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Soundset Recordings
The Ambassador Duo has inspired and commissioned many new works for saxophone and piano, including three of the works on this recording.
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The Ambassador Duo
Clifford Leaman - saxophone
Derek Parsons - piano
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Pull01.James Matheson: Pull   6:02
Illuminations02.Reginald Bain: Illuminations   15:01
A Savage Calculus03.John Fitz Rogers: A Savage Calculus   8:49
Stacy Garrop: Tantrum
Obsessive Behavior04.I. Obsessive Behavior   6:17
Lost05.II. Lost   5:14
Fits and Fists06.III. Fits and Fists   2:44
Benjamin Boone: Psychotherapy: A Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Anger Management07.I. Anger Management   4:57
Finding the Angle of Repose08.II. Finding the Angle of Repose   3:03
Attitude: Fun with Funk09.III. Attitude: Fun with Funk   4:41
Action: Vandermarking10.IV. Action: Vandermarking   2:53
Total Playing Time: 59:41