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"Xylophone, Hand Drums, Recorders, Sackbutts, Crumhorns, Viols & Schwams! Hot Picks of the Month 1. Calliope Dances. A Renaissance Revel."
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Calliope Swings: Jazz, Rags and Blues
Calliope: A Renaissance Band
Lawrence Benz - sackbut, recorders
Allan Dean - cornetto, gemshorns, recorders
Ben Harms - percussion, viol, recorders
Frederic Hand - guest lute, vihuela
Lucy Bardo - vielle, viols
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Jovial Jasper01.George Hamilton Green: Jovial Jasper   2:51
Ich far dohin02.Anon.: Ich far dohin   6:13
L'homme arme 197903.Anon.: L'homme arme 1979   5:33
Recercada Primera04.Diego Ortiz: Recercada Primera   3:23
Calliope Rag05.James Scott: Calliope Rag   3:22
Cross Corners06.George Hamilton Green: Cross Corners   3:00
Forsooth Blues07.Kevin Dean: Forsooth Blues   6:18
Fantasy for Bass Viol08.Frederic Hand: Fantasy for Bass Viol   5:59
Mit ganczen Willen09.Conrad Paumann: Mit ganczen Willen   6:59
Passomezo d'italye10.Pierre Phalese: Passomezo d'italye   2:56
La rocque Gaillarde11.Pierre Phalese: La rocque Gaillarde   3:05
Rainbow Ripples12.George Hamilton Green: Rainbow Ripples   2:22
Pavan13.Tielman Susato: Pavan   3:58
L'homme arme 198914.Anon.: L'homme arme 1989   6:01
Log Cabin Blues15.George Hamilton Green: Log Cabin Blues   2:20
Total Playing Time: 1:04:20