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Clarinetist Fred Ormand draws on his performance experience with the Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit Symphony Orchestras, as well as his extensive chamber music experience, to meld exquisitely with the dean of collaborative pianists Martin Katz, and soprano Julia Broxholm, in this highly engaging trio recording of works by American composers.
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Transience: A Musical World of Works for Soprano, Clarinet, and Piano
Fred Ormand -  clarinet
Julia Broxholm - soprano
Martin Katz - piano
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Ned Rorem: Ariel (Five Poems of Sylvia Plath)
I. Words01.I. Words   2:33
II. Poppies in July02.II. Poppies in July   3:22
III. The Hanging Man03.III. The Hanging Man   2:40
IV. Poppies in October04.IV. Poppies in October   2:38
V. Lady Lazarus05.V. Lady Lazarus   6:15
Domenic Argento: To Be Sung Upon the Water
I. Prologue: Shadow and Substance06.I. Prologue: Shadow and Substance   4:15
II. The Lake at Evening07.II. The Lake at Evening   3:35
III. Music nn the Water08.III. Music nn the Water   3:20
IV. Fair is the Swan09.IV. Fair is the Swan   1:43
V. In Remembrance of Schubert10.V. In Remembrance of Schubert   3:32
VI. Hymn Near the Rapids11.VI. Hymn Near the Rapids   2:52
VII. The Lake at Night12.VII. The Lake at Night   4:34
VIII. Epilogue: de Profundis13.VIII. Epilogue: de Profundis   5:56
Somebody Loves Me14.George Gershwin: Somebody Loves Me   3:59
All the Things You Are15.Jerome Kern: All the Things You Are   4:09
Puttin' on the Ritz16.Irving Berlin: Puttin' on the Ritz   1:51
Total Playing Time: 57:14