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This CD features exceptional performances by percussionists: Alan Abel joined by fourteen percussionists; John R. Beck & Wiley A. Sykes III; Mayumi Hama & Christopher Froh; Bill Cahn & Ruth Cahn; Ian Ding with Neeraj Mehta, Neil Sisauyhoat & Michael Udow; Pius Cheung & Eriko Daimo with Brian Baldauff & Andre Dowell, as well as Mezzo-soprano Freda Herseth & Tubist Fritz Kaenzig.
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Michael Udow
Various Artists
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Timelines01.Timelines   15:11
White Dwarf by Michael Udow
Upon Learning that a Town Exists in Virginia called Upperville02.I. Upon Learning that a Town Exists in Virginia called Upperville   1:17
White Dwarf03.II. White Dwarf   1:14
A Song of Paternal Care04.III. A Song of Paternal Care   1:15
Sunflower05.IV. Sunflower   1:25
Sonic Boom06.V. Sonic Boom   1:41
Recital07.VI. Recital   1:02
Performance08.Performance from Toyama   2:31
Schizoid09.Schizoid   16:04
Sandsteps 110.Sandsteps 1   6:49
Flashback by Michael Udow
The Wanderer11.I. The Wanderer   1:20
The Gryphon's Revenge12.II. The Gryphon's Revenge   2:16
Fugue13.III. Fugue   2:14
Free-Fall14.IV. Free-Fall   2:32
Kije's Return15.V. Kije's Return   1:54
Mr. Bones16.VI. Mr. Bones   1:38
Eerie Days17.VII. Eerie Days   2:01
Black Shogun 218.Black Shogun 2   15:47
Total Playing Time: 1:18:11