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Formed in 2005, the RoseWind Duo consists of Scott Herring, percussion, and Clifford Leaman, saxophones. They have given numerous performances and clinics at Universities across the country and at many professional conferences across the United States.
Other recordings by RoseWind Duo:

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RoseWind Duo
Clifford Leaman - saxophone
Scott Herring - marimba
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Eckhard Kopetzki: Shadows of Wood
Chestnut Dance01.I. Chestnut Dance   2:54
Weeping Willow02.II. Weeping Willow   2:34
Limes in the Wind03.III. Limes in the Wind   3:03
Luminescent04.Reginald Bain: Luminescent   7:37
Braston Blake: Nine Etudes
Certain Birds05.I. Certain Birds   1:06
Two Stories06.II. Two Stories   2:31
Red Trees07.III. Red Trees   1:14
Contained Freedom08.IV. Contained Freedom   2:21
Lost Exits09.V. Lost Exits   1:18
Reluctant Procession10.VI. Reluctant Procession   1:20
Surfacing11.VII. Surfacing   1:50
Sparkle's Song12.VIII. Sparkle's Song   1:32
Red Tide13.IX. Red Tide   1:54
Memoriale14.Paul Siskind: Memoriale   6:58
Nathan Daughtrey: Strange Dreams
Unheard Music15.I. Unheard Music   3:34
Ballerina Mom16.II. Ballerina Mom   1:23
Mermaid Song17.III. Mermaid Song   3:31
Pools of Light18.IV. Pools of Light   1:54
Release19.John Fitz Rogers: Release   8:04
A Mile of Phrygian at 6020.Tayloe Harding: A Mile of Phrygian at 60   1:09
Total Playing Time: 57:47