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Some of Koshkin's most enduring pieces brilliantly performed by Marina Alexandra

Physical CD 15.99 US      Coming Soon

A Moment of Magic
Marina Alexandra -  Guitar
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Romance01.Romance   1:57
The Elves: Suite for Guitar, Op. 26 by Nikita Koshkin
Gavotta02.I. Gavotta   1:23
Valse03.II. Valse   3:14
March04.III. March   2:21
Melody05.IV. Melody   2:43
Galop06.V. Galop   2:10
The Ballads: Suite for Guitar by Nikita Koshkin
Allegretto07.I. Allegretto   2:33
Moderato08.II. Moderato   2:37
Tristan Playing the Lute09.Tristan Playing the Lute   5:20
Three Stations on One Road10.Three Stations on One Road   5:46
Parade11.Parade   2:11
Usher Waltz12.Usher Waltz   6:23
Passacaglia and Toccata (The Fall of Birds)13.Passacaglia and Toccata (The Fall of Birds)   7:43
Total Playing Time: 46:21