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This album of solo guitar music exquisitely performed by award-winning Oregon composer Bryan Johanson presents music from a time span of nearly twenty years. This is the first recording of Johanson playing his own solo guitar music and is sure to become a collector's item.
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Folio: Music for Guitar Alone
Bryan Johanson -  Guitar
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Spring, Op. 1 by Bryan Johanson
Moderato e molto sostenuto--Allegro molto01.I. Moderato e molto sostenuto--Allegro molto   2:59
Adagio cantabile02.II. Adagio cantabile   2:33
Allegro vivace03.III. Allegro vivace   1:13
Simple Suite, Op. 13 by Bryan Johanson
Overture04.I. Overture   0:49
Sarabande05.II. Sarabande   1:07
Arabesque06.III. Arabesque   1:07
Lament07.IV. Lament   1:33
Jig08.V. Jig   1:07
Tiento 109.Tiento 1 from Op. 25   5:01
Mortua Dulce Cano10.Mortua Dulce Cano   3:37
And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon by Bryan Johanson
Fiddling11.I. Fiddling   2:21
Jumping12.II. Jumping   1:59
The Moon13.III. The Moon   3:39
Running14.IV. Running   3:05
Variations on a Finnish Folksong15.Variations on a Finnish Folksong   8:17
La Folia Folio16.La Folia Folio   10:35
Total Playing Time: 51:02