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The Begian Years Vol. V
University of Illinois Bands
Dr. Harry Begian - Conductor
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With Sword and Lance01.Philipe Starke: With Sword and Lance   3:01
Inglesina02.Davide Delle Cese: Inglesina   4:20
Sambre et meuse03.Robert Planquette: Sambre et meuse   4:36
El Relicario04.José Padilla: El Relicario   3:39
Suspiros de Espana05.Alvarez Alonso: Suspiros de Espana   3:57
March Electric06.Giuseppe Creatore: March Electric   2:01
Valdres07.Johannes Hanssen: Valdres   3:57
British Eighth08.Alonzo Elliott: British Eighth   2:43
Amparito Roca09.Jaime Texidor: Amparito Roca   3:08
Army of the Nile10.Kenneth Alford: Army of the Nile   3:32
Flag of Victory11.Franz Von Blon: Flag of Victory   3:02
The B - Flat and Cf March12.Victor Hume: The B - Flat and Cf March   4:43
Robinson's Grand Entree13.Karl King: Robinson's Grand Entree   2:13
Cyrus the Great14.Karl King: Cyrus the Great   2:12
Pride of the Illini15.Karl King: Pride of the Illini   2:29
The Goldman Band16.Karl King: The Goldman Band   2:44
Ragged Rozey17.Karl King: Ragged Rozey   2:08
The Big Cage Galop18.Karl King: The Big Cage Galop   1:30
Invictus19.Karl King: Invictus   2:25
The Trombone King20.Karl King: The Trombone King   2:08
King Henry21.Karl King: King Henry   2:21
Broadway One-Step22.Karl King: Broadway One-Step   2:17
War March of the Tartars23.Karl King: War March of the Tartars   2:08
Circus Days Galop24.Karl King: Circus Days Galop   1:34
The Home Town Boys25.Karl King: The Home Town Boys   2:26
Host of Freedom26.Karl King: Host of Freedom   2:02
Total Playing Time: 1:13:16