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Messe Pour Double Choeur
University of Southern Mississippi Bands & Choirs: Choir
Dr. Gregory Fuller - Conductor
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Frank Martin: Mass for Double Choir
Kyrie01.I. Kyrie   5:17
Gloria02.II. Gloria   5:44
Credo03.III. Credo   5:59
Sanctus04.IV. Sanctus   4:32
Agnus dei05.V. Agnus dei   4:45
Psalm 14806.John Cheetham: Psalm 148   4:19
Hymne a la Vierge07.Pierre Villette: Hymne a la Vierge   2:53
Prayer of St. Patrick08.Ross Bernhardt: Prayer of St. Patrick   3:44
Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine09.Eric Whitacre: Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine   8:12
The Silent10.Howard Helvey: The Silent   3:32
Capped Towers11.Ralph Vaughn Williams: Capped Towers from The Cloud   
Agnus dei12.Samuel Barber: Agnus dei   8:17
Curse Upon Iron13.Veljo Tormis: Curse Upon Iron   10:08
Sinner Man14.Howard Roberts: Sinner Man   2:32
He'll Make a Way15.Byron J. Smith: He'll Make a Way   6:11
Total Playing Time: 1:16:05