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Other recordings by University of Washington Husky Marching Band:

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Ladies and gentlemen-here is: The Husky Marching Band!
University of Washington Husky Marching Band
William E. Bissell - Director
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Drum Yell - Vict'ry - Bow Down to Washington01.Drum Yell - Vict'ry - Bow Down to Washington   2:17  
by Lester Wilson 
Boogie Fever02.Boogie Fever   1:29  
by Kenneth Lewis, Freddie Perrin 
Louie-Louie03.Louie-Louie   1:26  
by Richard Berry 
Tequila!04.Tequila!   1:33  
by Chuck Rio 
Celebration05.Celebration   2:02  
by Robert Earl Bell 
Everybody's Everything06.Everybody's Everything   1:24  
by Carlos Santana 
Bow Down07.Bow Down   1:07  
by Lester Wilson 
Handel with Care08.Handel with Care   1:59  
by Donald J. Sebesky 
Hey, Baby!09.Hey, Baby!   1:53  
by Margaret Cobb 
Polynesian Paralysis10.Polynesian Paralysis   1:39  
by Doug Cheney 
Johnny Q11.Johnny Q   2:04  
by Timothy Stevens Tubb 
Great Gosh A'mighty12.Great Gosh A'mighty   0:46  
by Richard W. Penniman 
Bow Down13.Bow Down   1:58  
by Lester Wilson 
Africano14.Africano   2:33  
by Lorenzo Russell Dunn 
Alma Mater15.Alma Mater   1:24  
by George Hager 
Vict'ry II16.Vict'ry II   1:03  
by Dozier Lamont Herbert 
Bow Down to Washington17.Bow Down to Washington     
by Lester J. Wilson 
The John Williams Medley18.The John Williams Medley   5:20  
by John Williams 
Fat Bottomed Girls19.Fat Bottomed Girls   1:54  
by Brian May 
Twist & Shout20.Twist & Shout   1:26  
by Phil Medley, Bert Russell 
The Cowboys21.The Cowboys   2:47  
by John Williams 
Good Lovin'22.Good Lovin'     
by Arthur Resnick 
A Whole New World23.A Whole New World   3:11  
by Alan Menken, Tim Rice 
You Keep Me Hangin' On24.You Keep Me Hangin' On   2:16  
by Dozier Lamont Herbert 
Patton25.Patton   2:56  
by Jerry Goldsmith 
Wazzoo Fot Diddy26.Wazzoo Fot Diddy   0:42  
by Doug Cheney 
Trojan Slowdown27.Trojan Slowdown   0:27  
by Doug Cheney 
Total Playing Time: 47:36