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Other recordings by University of Washington Husky Marching Band:

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University of Washington Marching Band Tequila!
University of Washington Husky Marching Band
Dr. Brad McDavid - Director
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Bow Little01.Lester Wilson: Bow Little   0:10
Bow Special02.Lester Wilson: Bow Special   1:30
Tequila03.Daniel Flores: Tequila   1:37
The Pretender04.Jackson Browne: The Pretender   1:38
The Right Stuff05.Bill Conti: The Right Stuff   2:26
Gonna Fly Now06.Bill Conti: Gonna Fly Now   2:36
Even Flow07.Stone Gossard: Even Flow   2:02
Sweet Caroline08.Neal Diamond: Sweet Caroline   2:09
Happy Together09.Garry Bonner, Alan Gordon: Happy Together   1:53
Polynesian Paralysis10.Doug Cheney: Polynesian Paralysis   1:43
Something Happened on the Way to Heaven11.Phil Collins, Daryl Stuermer: Something Happened on the Way to Heaven   1:58
Easy Lover12.Philip Bailey, Phil Collins: Easy Lover   2:18
I Drove all Night13.Roy Orbison: I Drove all Night   2:36
Fins14.Jimmy Buffett: Fins   1:58
Cheeseburger in Paradise15.Jimmy Buffett: Cheeseburger in Paradise   2:16
Free Ride16.Dan Hartman: Free Ride   1:44
Stay (Wasting Time)17.Dave Mathews Band: Stay (Wasting Time)   2:32
Beatles Finale18.John Lennon, Paul McCartney: Beatles Finale   3:32
High on You19.Frankie Sullivan, Jim Peterik: High on You   1:50
Knights of the Round Table (From Spamalot)20.Graham Chapman, John Cleese: Knights of the Round Table (From Spamalot)   1:44
Pagliacci21.Ruggiero Leoncavallo: Pagliacci   2:24
It's Raining Men22.Paul Jabara, Paul Shaffer: It's Raining Men   2:12
Olympic Theme Tribute23.John Williams: Olympic Theme Tribute   5:06
College Football Themes Medley24.Lester Wilson: College Football Themes Medley   1:58
Go U-Dub25.Lester Wilson: Go U-Dub   0:42
Dawgs in the House26.UW Football Team: Dawgs in the House   0:31
Victr'ry for Washington II27.Tom Herbert, George Larson: Victr'ry for Washington II   1:01
Total Playing Time: 54:06