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Buckeye Brass
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Buckeye Opener01.James Cumit: Buckeye Opener   1:17
Across the Years02.William A. Dougherty: Across the Years   1:46
Autumn Leaves03.Joseph Kosma: Autumn Leaves   2:25
I Can Wait Forever04.Graham Russell, David Foster, Jay Graydon: I Can Wait Forever   2:08
Boogie Down05.Al Jarreau, Michael Omartian: Boogie Down   2:22
St. Louis Blues06.William C. Handy: St. Louis Blues   2:15
Sambandrea swing07.Don Menza: Sambandrea swing   3:24
Tiger Rag08.Dominic James LaRocca: Tiger Rag   0:42
Alexander's Ragtime Band09.Irving Berlin: Alexander's Ragtime Band   1:52
Seventy-Six Trombones10.Meredith Willson: Seventy-Six Trombones   1:30
Buckeye Battle Cry11.James Crummit: Buckeye Battle Cry   1:31
Les Regiments12.Joseph Fran├žois Rauski: Les Regiments   
Fight the Team13.William A. Dougherty: Fight the Team   1:03
Hang on Sloopy14.Wes Farrell, Bert Russell: Hang on Sloopy   2:28
I Wanna Go Back to Ohio State15.Richard Heine: I Wanna Go Back to Ohio State   2:16
The British Eigth16.Alonzo Elliot: The British Eigth   2:48
Olympic Fanfare17.John Williams: Olympic Fanfare   1:43
Eternal Father18.Claude Smith: Eternal Father   3:52
Military Escort19.Henry Filmore: Military Escort   2:07
Total Playing Time: 37:29