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Sun Devil Marching Band Pass In Review 1997
Arizona State University Marching Band
Dr. Robert "Coach" Fleming - Director
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Salvation is Created / 20th Century Fox01.Pavel Tchesnokov: Salvation is Created / 20th Century Fox   1:57
America Fantasy02.Scott Taube: America Fantasy   1:30
Get Ready for This03.Filip de Wilde, Simon Kenneth Harris: Get Ready for This   1:37
Spirit of America Overture04.George Naff: Spirit of America Overture   2:50
Spinning Wheel05.David Clayton Thomas: Spinning Wheel   2:12
More and More06.Merle Kilgore: More and More   2:08
Make Me Smile07.James Pankow: Make Me Smile   1:39
Liberty Fanfare08.John Williams: Liberty Fanfare   48:00
Star Wars Themes09.John Williams: Star Wars Themes   2:38
Jurassic Park10.John Williams: Jurassic Park   2:46
Swing, Swing, Swing11.John Williams: Swing, Swing, Swing   2:07
The Throne Room12.Traditional: The Throne Room   1:43
Percussion Feature - Go Phish13.Bill Meldrum: Percussion Feature - Go Phish   5:24
Fanfare from Krypton14.John Williams: Fanfare from Krypton   1:05
Crown Imperial15.Sir William Walton: Crown Imperial   2:37
Swing Era Medley16.Tony Fox: Swing Era Medley   4:02
Independence Day17.David Arnold: Independence Day   2:58
America the Beautiful18.Betty Bertaux: America the Beautiful   2:31
Arizona State University Alma Mater19.Felix McKernan: Arizona State University Alma Mater   1:17
Maroon & Gold20.Felix McKernan: Maroon & Gold   1:05
Dr. Who21.Traditional: Dr. Who   1:10
Trumpet Warm-Up22.Bill Chase: Trumpet Warm-Up   1:47
Total Playing Time: 1:35:03