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A Fond Farewell Vol. II
Turtle Creek Chorale
Dr. Timothy Seelig - Director
Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: NSR-00187
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2012
There is a Season   01.  Janey Hall: There is a Season   4:55$1.00
Lullaby   02.  James Granville Eakin, III: Lullaby   4:57$1.00
No One is Alone   03.  Stephen Sondheim: No One is Alone   3:56$1.00
We're Not Lost, We're Here   04.  Robert Seley: We're Not Lost, We're Here   3:08$1.00
Come Ready and See Me   05.  Richard Hundley, James Purdy: Come Ready and See Me   2:31$1.00
Make Me a Kite   06.  Amanda McBroom, Michelle Brourman: Make Me a Kite   3:30$1.00
The Cloths of Heaven   07.  Randall Stroope: The Cloths of Heaven   4:12$1.00
Who Will Curl My Daughter's Hair?   08.  David Friedman, Pamela Martin Tomlinson: Who Will Curl My Daughter's Hair?   6:04$1.00
Naked in the Leaves   09.  Robert Seeley, Robert Espindola: Naked in the Leaves   4:37$1.00
We Live on Borrowed Time   10.  David Friedman: We Live on Borrowed Time   3:58$1.00
Requiem   11.  John Rutter: Requiem   5:04$1.00
If I Had Only Known   12.  Jan Stanfield, Craig Morris: If I Had Only Known   4:03$1.00
The Last Day   13.  Brenda Russell, John Ewbank: The Last Day   4:09$1.00
I'll Be Seeing You   14.  Irving Kahal, Sammy Fain: I'll Be Seeing You   2:41$1.00
This Day   15.  Lowell Alexander: This Day   4:25$1.00
Total Playing Time: 1:02:10