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The Sooner Showmen!
University of Oklahoma Bands
Brian Britt - Director
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Showmen Introduction01.Showmen Introduction   0:31  
by Roland Barrett 
Fanfare / Oklahoma02.Fanfare / Oklahoma   1:20  
from Medley: Fanfare / Oklahoma by Roland Barrett, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II  
Boomer Sooner03.Boomer Sooner   0:41  
by John Higgins 
OK Oklahoma04.OK Oklahoma   0:50  
by John Higgins 
Oklahoma05.Oklahoma   1:24  
by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II 
Go Big Red06.Go Big Red   1:06  
by Roland Barrett 
Hey Song07.Hey Song   1:21  
by Gary Glitter, Mike Leander 
Hold On, I'm Comin'08.Hold On, I'm Comin'   1:45  
from Hold On, I'm Comin' by Isaac Hayes, David Porter  
Ridin' the Storm Out09.Ridin' the Storm Out   1:32  
by Gary Richrath 
Get Yo Feet Back on the Ground10.Get Yo Feet Back on the Ground   2:13  
by Chuck Hansen 
Mr. Boonetime11.Mr. Boonetime   1:35  
by Roland Barrett 
Hush12.Hush   1:31  
by Joe South 
Respect13.Respect   1:26  
by Otis Redding 
William Tell14.William Tell   0:31  
by Gioachino Rossini 
Eat 'Em Up 2.015.Eat 'Em Up 2.0   0:47  
by Roland Barrett 
Swing Go Big Red16.Swing Go Big Red   0:39  
by Roland Barrett 
Everybody's Everything17.Everybody's Everything   1:16  
by David Brown, Tyrone Moss, Carlos Santana 
If I Only Knew18.If I Only Knew   1:52  
by Tom Jones 
Vehicle19.Vehicle   1:38  
by James Peterik 
What is Hip20.What is Hip   1:55  
by Emilio Castillo, Stephen Kupka 
Soul Man21.Soul Man   1:31  
by Isaac Hayes, David Porter 
Celebration22.Celebration   1:14  
by Jayceon Terrell Taylor 
OU Chant23.OU Chant   1:04  
by John Higgins 
Boomer Blues24.Boomer Blues   1:37  
by John Higgins 
Boomer Sooner25.Boomer Sooner   0:44  
by John Higgins 
Total Playing Time: 32:03