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Other recordings by Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band:

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Spartan Spirit
Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band
John T. Madden - Director
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Kickstep Entrance01.Traditional: Kickstep Entrance   1:07
State Fanfare02.James Curnow: State Fanfare   0:58
Eat 'Em Up03.Joseph Laird: Eat 'Em Up   0:18
Pregame Fight04.Francis Lankey, William Moffitt: Pregame Fight   0:37
Hockey Cheer05.Leslie Campbell: Hockey Cheer   0:25
Spartan Fanfare06.Jeff Kressler: Spartan Fanfare   0:24
Pregame Fight 207.Francis Lankey, William Moffitt: Pregame Fight 2   1:01
MSU Shadows08.Bernard Traynor: MSU Shadows   1:02
Hockey Cheer 209.Leslie Campbell: Hockey Cheer 2   0:28
MSU Fight Song10.Francis Lankey, Leonard Falcone: MSU Fight Song   1:50
America the Beautiful11.Samual A. Ward: America the Beautiful   2:03
Stars and Stripes Forever12.John Philip Sousa: Stars and Stripes Forever   3:53
God Bless the USA13.Lee Greenwood: God Bless the USA   1:18
The Series14.Joel Leach, Merritt Lutz: The Series   3:53
Reich Drumming15.Jon Weber: Reich Drumming   2:04
Day Tripper/ I Want to Hold Your Hand16.John Lennon, Paul McCartney: Day Tripper/ I Want to Hold Your Hand   2:08
Ticket to Ride / Lady Madonna17.John Lennon, Paul McCartney: Ticket to Ride / Lady Madonna   1:19
She Loves You / Eleanor Rigby18.John Lennon, Paul McCartney: She Loves You / Eleanor Rigby   1:45
Can't Buy Me Love / Paperback Writer / A Hard Day's Night19.John Lennon, Paul McCartney: Can't Buy Me Love / Paperback Writer / A Hard Day's Night   2:04
Halo Opening Suite20.Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori: Halo Opening Suite   1:20
Mario Medley21.Koji Kondo: Mario Medley   1:53
Megaman22.Tokashi Tateishi: Megaman   1:43
The Legend of Zelda23.Koji Kondo: The Legend of Zelda   2:03
Rondeau24.Jean-Joseph Mouret: Rondeau   1:08
The Happy Wanderer / Louisiana Fairytale25.Friedrich-Wilhelm Möller, Mitchell Parish, Haven Gillespie, Fred Coots: The Happy Wanderer / Louisiana Fairytale   2:27
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood26.Fred Rogers: Mr. Roger's Neighborhood   1:30
Sesame Street Medley27.Joe Raposo: Sesame Street Medley   2:38
Won't Get Fooled Again28.Pete Townshend: Won't Get Fooled Again   1:16
Pinball Wizard29.Pete Townshend: Pinball Wizard   1:31
I Can See for Miles / You Better You Bet30.Pete Townshend: I Can See for Miles / You Better You Bet   2:16
Who Are You?31.Pete Townshend: Who Are You?   1:44
Rubberband Man32.Thom Bell, Linda Creed: Rubberband Man   1:59
Eat 'Em Up 233.Joseph Laird: Eat 'Em Up 2   0:18
Pregame Fight 334.Francis Lankey, William Moffitt: Pregame Fight 3   1:00
MSU Fight Song 235.Francis Lankey, Leonard Falcone: MSU Fight Song 2   1:57