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Other recordings by Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band:

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SMB .08: a "Thriller" of a Season
Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band
John T. Madden - Director
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Kickstep Entrance01.Traditional: Kickstep Entrance   1:11
State Fanfare02.James Curnow: State Fanfare   0:58
Eat 'Em Up03.Joseph Laird: Eat 'Em Up   0:18
Pregame Fight Moffit04.Francis Lankey, William Moffitt: Pregame Fight Moffit   0:39
MSU Shadows (Instrumental)05.Bernard Traynor: MSU Shadows (Instrumental)   1:14
Falcone Fight06.Francis Irving Lankey: Falcone Fight   1:56
Get Smart07.Irving Szathmary: Get Smart   1:25
Raiders March08.John Williams: Raiders March   1:41
Hulk / Ironman / Batman09.Joe Harnell, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward,: Hulk / Ironman / Batman   3:05
Ditty10.Kevin Murray: Ditty   1:04
The Pretender11.Jackson Browne: The Pretender   2:13
Thanks for the Memories12.Peter Wentz, Andrew Hurley, Patrick Stump, Joseph Trohman: Thanks for the Memories   1:41
The Black Parade13.Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Frank Lero, Michael Way, Bob Bryar: The Black Parade   2:59
X14.Jon Weber: X   2:10
Just a Closer Walk with Thee15.Traditional: Just a Closer Walk with Thee   2:21
Gospel John16.Jeff Steinberg: Gospel John   2:11
Precious Lord Take My Hand17.Thomas Dorsey, George Nelson Allen: Precious Lord Take My Hand   3:03
3rd Quarter Cheer18.Jon Weber: 3rd Quarter Cheer   1:45
Dudley Doo-Right19.Steve Dorff: Dudley Doo-Right   0:38
The Twist / Kung Fu Fighting / Billy Jean / Macarena / Bye Bye Bye20.Hank Ballard, Carl Douglas, Michael Jackson, Los Del Rio, Kristian Lundin, Jake Schulze: The Twist / Kung Fu Fighting / Billy Jean / Macarena / Bye Bye Bye   2:17
Chicken Dance / Hustle / YMCA / NY-NY21.Werner Thomas, Van McCoy, Henri Belolo, Jacques Morali, Victor Willis, Fred Ebb, John Kander: Chicken Dance / Hustle / YMCA / NY-NY   2:56
Thriller22.Rod Temperton: Thriller   3:38
The Series23.Joel Leach, Merritt Lutz: The Series   4:03
Soul Intro / The Chicken24.Philip Pope: Soul Intro / The Chicken   2:19
A Mis Abuelos25.Arturo Sandoval: A Mis Abuelos   2:05
MSU Shadows (Vocal)26.Bernard Traynor: MSU Shadows (Vocal)   2:03
Falcone Fight 227.Francis Lankey: Falcone Fight 2   1:57
Total Playing Time: 53:50