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Many Dances
Jerry Kosak -  Guitar
Jerry Kosak - Guitar
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I Can't Stop Moving01.I Can't Stop Moving   2:41
Many Dances02.Many Dances   4:03
Wary For the Devil Blues03.Wary For the Devil Blues   4:36
This Much I Know04.This Much I Know   3:15
Mystery On West 53rd Street05.Mystery On West 53rd Street   3:01
Loose Picks06.Loose Picks   2:28
Matagalpa07.Matagalpa   3:44
Forgotten Blues08.Forgotten Blues   3:21
Sleep Disorder09.Sleep Disorder   3:05
Great Big Hurt10.Great Big Hurt   3:00
The Kitchen Rag11.The Kitchen Rag   3:09
Over the Garden Wall12.Over the Garden Wall   2:51