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old, new, borrowed, Q!
One Voice Mixed Chorus
Jane Ramseyer Miller - Artistic Director
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How Can I Keep from Singing01.Robert Lowry, Randall Stroope: How Can I Keep from Singing   4:19
The Road Not Taken02.Randall Thompson: The Road Not Taken   6:01
The Pasture03.Randall Thompson: The Pasture   2:51
Come In04.Randall Thompson: Come In   5:30
The Telephone05.Randall Thompson: The Telephone   2:27
Girl's Garden06.Randall Thompson: Girl's Garden   3:25
Stopping by Woodson a Sonwy Evening07.Randall Thompson: Stopping by Woodson a Sonwy Evening   4:23
Choose Something Like a Star08.Randall Thompson: Choose Something Like a Star   6:19
Where There is Light in the Soul09.Elizabeth Alexander: Where There is Light in the Soul   2:14
Nien, Geliebter, Setze Dich10.Johannes Brahms: Nien, Geliebter, Setze Dich   1:38
Sieh, Wie Ist die Welle Klar11.Johannes Brahms: Sieh, Wie Ist die Welle Klar   1:03
The Lavender Song12.Mischa Spoliansky: The Lavender Song   4:17
I Come from Good People13.Robert Seeley: I Come from Good People   3:14
Somewhere14.Haldane Browne: Somewhere   2:30
Distinctions15.Kevin Wojahn: Distinctions   3:22
We're Everywhere16.Tom Wilson Weinberg: We're Everywhere   3:32
Workin' for the Dawn of Peace17.Traditional: Workin' for the Dawn of Peace   3:01
Distant Land18.John Rutter: Distant Land   4:45
On A Clear Day19.Alan Jay Lerner, Burton Lane: On A Clear Day   2:57
Bismillah, Ir Ralman Ir Rahim20.Traditional: Bismillah, Ir Ralman Ir Rahim   1:56
Total Playing Time: 1:09:44