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From the Vault - The Auburn University Marching Band 1971 Season
Auburn University Bands
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March A.J.H.S.01.Johnnie Vinson: March A.J.H.S.   2:37
We've Only Just Begun Fanfare02.Johnnie Vinson: We've Only Just Begun Fanfare   0:34
Strike Up the Band03.George Gershwin: Strike Up the Band   0:28
Fanfare #704.Johnnie Vinson: Fanfare #7   0:27
War Eagle fanfare 197105.Robert Allen: War Eagle fanfare 1971   0:21
Marching Entrance, Fall 197106.Johnnie Vinson: Marching Entrance, Fall 1971   0:50
Joy to the World Majorette Intro07.Johnnie Vinson: Joy to the World Majorette Intro   0:46
Boys and Girls Together08.Laura Nyro: Boys and Girls Together   0:35
Light Sings09.Laura Nyro: Light Sings   1:24
Loves, Lines, Angles and Rhymes10.Laura Nyro: Loves, Lines, Angles and Rhymes   1:30
Wedding Bell Blues11.Laura Nyro: Wedding Bell Blues   1:35
Rainy Days and Mondays12.Roger Nichols, Paul Williams: Rainy Days and Mondays   2:05
Let Me Be the One13.Roger Nichols, Paul Williams: Let Me Be the One   1:04
Go Down Gamblin14.David Clayton-Thomas: Go Down Gamblin   1:57
Redemption15.Bob Marley: Redemption   1:35
Theme from the Love Machine16.Pete Moore: Theme from the Love Machine   1:17
I Feel the Earth Move17.Carole King: I Feel the Earth Move   1:16
Proud Mary18.John Fogerty: Proud Mary   1:31
One Fine Morning19.Ronald Harry Prokop: One Fine Morning   1:16
Get it On20.Mark Bolan: Get it On   1:28
March A.J.H.S. (final version)21.Johnnie Vinson: March A.J.H.S. (final version)   2:33
Total Playing Time: 27:09