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Mississippi State University Famous Maroon Band 2006
Mississippi State University Bands
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Symphony No. 301.Boris Kazhevnikov: Symphony No. 3   3:45
Who's Who in Navy Blue02.John Philip Sousa: Who's Who in Navy Blue   2:39
Clowns03.Philip Parker: Clowns   2:11
Hail State04.Joseph Peavey, Thornton Allen: Hail State   0:37
Pregame Cadence / MSU Fanfare05.Randy Bass: Pregame Cadence / MSU Fanfare   1:25
March Grandioso06.Roland Seitz: March Grandioso   0:58
MSU 2k / Hail State07.Randy Bass: MSU 2k / Hail State   0:56
Go State08.Joseph Peavey: Go State   0:35
Madelon09.Camille Robert: Madelon   0:48
Maroon and White10.Henry Warmsley: Maroon and White   1:37
American Celebration11.Randy Bass: American Celebration   1:43
Bully Christmas12.George Handel, Isaac Watts: Bully Christmas   1:13
Single Strokes13.Traditional: Single Strokes   0:39
New Mojo14.Randy Bass: New Mojo   0:32
Pete's Groove15.Randy Bass: Pete's Groove   0:30
Shopping Spree16.Randy Bass: Shopping Spree   0:31
G1117.Randy Bass: G11   1:17
Ditty18.Kevin Murray: Ditty   1:00
Crown Beat19.Randy Bass: Crown Beat   1:30
3 Days20.Randy Bass: 3 Days   1:24
Double Beat21.Randy Bass: Double Beat   1:55
Total Playing Time: 27:45