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Electro Acoustic Music VI
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Engaging Causey01.Jerry Tabor: Engaging Causey   11:56
With: Jerry Tabor - composer
Saxtractor02.Jean-Claude Risset: Saxtractor   6:42
With: Daniel Kientzy - saxophones, Jean-Claude Risset - composer
Furies and Voices03.Otto Laske: Furies and Voices   10:36
With: Otto Laske - composer
5 piccoli ritmi04.Agostino Di Scipio: 5 piccoli ritmi   6:41
With: Agostino di Scipio - composer
Replatrage05.Michael Hamman: Replatrage   7:42
With: Charles Lipp - bassoon, Michael Hamman - composer
Thiry-Two Prose Segments06.Mark Sullivan: Thiry-Two Prose Segments   12:32
With: Mark Sullivan - composer
The Frog in a Machine07.Insook Choi: The Frog in a Machine   10:00
With: Insook Choi - composer
M,Nce08.Thomas DeLio: M,Nce   2:06
With: Thomas DeLio - composer
Plinh,H09.Thomas DeLio: Plinh,H   2:53
With: Thomas DeLio - composer
Total Playing Time: 1:11:08