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Spartan Marching Band 2001: Summon the Heroes
Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band
John T. Madden - Director
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State Fanfare01.James Curnow: State Fanfare   1:57
Eat Em' Up02.Joseph Laird: Eat Em' Up   17:00
Pregame Fight (part 1)03.Francis Lankey / William Moffitt: Pregame Fight (part 1)   40:00
Hockey Cheer04.Leslie Campbell: Hockey Cheer   27:00
Jungle Boogie05.Robert Bell / Gene Redd: Jungle Boogie   1:00
Sleepers Awake06.Johann Sebastian Bach: Sleepers Awake   1:17
MSU Alma Mater07.Leonard Falcone: MSU Alma Mater   1:08
MSU Shadows08.Bernard Traynor: MSU Shadows   1:06
Foreplay / Longtime09.Tom Scholz: Foreplay / Longtime   2:38
Peace of Mind10.Tom Scholz: Peace of Mind   1:32
More Than a Feeling / Don't Look Back11.Tom Scholz: More Than a Feeling / Don't Look Back   2:18
Band Day Beat12.Jon Weber: Band Day Beat   1:05
Monkey Beat13.Jon Weber: Monkey Beat   53:00
The 2001 Series14.Merritt Lutz: The 2001 Series   3:49
Parade of the Charioteers15.Miklós Rózsa: Parade of the Charioteers   1:46
Summon the Heroes16.John Williams: Summon the Heroes   4:38
Channel One Suite17.Bill Reddie: Channel One Suite   2:53
Land of Make Believe18.Andy Hill: Land of Make Believe   2:26
Birdland19.Joe Zawinul: Birdland   2:51
God Bless America20.Irving Berlin: God Bless America   2:20
Stars and Stripes Forever21.John Philip Sousa: Stars and Stripes Forever   2:30
Amazing Grace22.John Newton: Amazing Grace   3:05
Football Themes23.James Curnow: Football Themes   2:55
Hockey Themes24.James Curnow: Hockey Themes   1:52
Baseball Themes25.James Curnow: Baseball Themes   2:09
Basketball Themes26.James Curnow: Basketball Themes   2:07
Espn Sports Center Theme27.James Curnow: Espn Sports Center Theme   2:37
Adagio (From William Tell Overture)28.Gioachino Rossini: Adagio (From William Tell Overture)   1:36
Schools Out for the Summer29.Alice Cooper: Schools Out for the Summer   1:51
Theme (From Rocky)30.Bill Conti: Theme (From Rocky)   2:34
Gimme Some Lovin'31.Steve Winwood, Spencer Davis, Muff Winwood: Gimme Some Lovin'   2:59
Spartan Fanfare32.Jeff Kessler: Spartan Fanfare   30:00
Musical Cheer33.James Curnow: Musical Cheer   29:00
Pregame Fight (part 2)34.Francis Lankey / William Moffitt: Pregame Fight (part 2)   1:00
Shadows (Instrumental)35.Bernard Traynor: Shadows (Instrumental)   59:00
Shadows (Vocal)36.Bernard Traynor: Shadows (Vocal)   56:00
Everybody's Everything37.Carlos Santana: Everybody's Everything   2:53
MSU Fight Song38.Francis Lankey, Leonard Falcone: MSU Fight Song   1:45
MSU Fight Song (Vocal)39.Francis Lankey, Leonard Falcone: MSU Fight Song (Vocal)   58:00
Total Playing Time: 7:15:37