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Other recordings by Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band:

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Spartan Warriors 2005
Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band
John T. Madden - Director
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Kick-Step Entrance01.Kick-Step Entrance   1:02  
by Traditional 
State Fanfare02.State Fanfare   1:00  
by James Curnow 
Eat 'Em Up03.Eat 'Em Up   0:16  
by Joseph Laird 
Pregame Fight04.Pregame Fight   0:38  
by Francis Lankey, William Moffitt 
Hockey Cheer05.Hockey Cheer   0:26  
by Leslie Campbell 
Spartan Warriors06.Spartan Warriors   0:50  
by John Madden 
Pregame Fight 207.Pregame Fight 2   1:15  
by Francis Lankey, William Moffit 
MSU Shadows08.MSU Shadows   0:30  
by Bernard Traynor 
Hockey Cheer 209.Hockey Cheer 2   1:53  
by Leslie Campbell 
MSU Fight Song10.MSU Fight Song   2:11  
by Francis Lankey, Leonard Falcone 
Star Spangled Banner11.Star Spangled Banner   0:55  
by John Stafford Smith 
Jump12.Jump   1:47  
by David Lee Roth 
Back in Time / Heart of Rock and Roll13.Back in Time / Heart of Rock and Roll   1:54  
by Huey Lewis, Johnny Colla, Chris Hayes, Sean Hopper 
Whip It14.Whip It   1:13  
by Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh 
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic15.Every Little Thing She Does is Magic   1:28  
by Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner 
You Give Love a Bad Name / Living on a Prayer16.You Give Love a Bad Name / Living on a Prayer   2:45  
by Jon Bon Jovi, Desmond Child, Richie Sambora 
In the Stone17.In the Stone   1:25  
by David Foster, Allee Willis, Maurice White 
Get it On18.Get it On   1:24  
by Marc Bolen 
Free19.Free   1:22  
by Robert Lamm 
25 or 6 to 420.25 or 6 to 4   1:39  
by Robert Lamm 
March Grandioso21.March Grandioso   2:40  
by Roland Seitz 
I've Got the World on a String22.I've Got the World on a String   3:21  
by Harold Arlen 
Battle Hymnof the Republic23.Battle Hymnof the Republic   6:00  
by Julia Ward Howe 
MSU Shadows24.MSU Shadows   1:32  
by Bernard Traynor 
Family Guy Theme25.Family Guy Theme   1:28  
by Walter Murphy 
Batman Theme / Spiderman Theme26.Batman Theme / Spiderman Theme   1:26  
by Danny Elfman 
The Simpsons Theme / The Jetsons Theme / The Flintstones Theme27.The Simpsons Theme / The Jetsons Theme / The Flintstones Theme   2:12  
by Danny Elfman 
Reich drumming28.Reich drumming   2:05  
by Jon Weber 
The Series29.The Series   3:54  
by Bernard Traynor 
Diddy30.Diddy   0:59  
by Jon Weber 
Martian Mambo31.Martian Mambo   1:14  
by Jon Weber 
Rubberband Man32.Rubberband Man   1:53  
by Clifford Joseph Harris 
Everybody's Everything33.Everybody's Everything   2:58  
by Carlos Santana 
Spartan Warriors34.Spartan Warriors   0:32  
by John Madden 
MSU Shadows (Vocal)35.MSU Shadows (Vocal)   1:01  
by Bernard Traynor 
MSU Fight Song 236.MSU Fight Song 2   1:52  
by Francis Lankey, Leonard Falcone 
Total Playing Time: 1:01:00