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Other recordings by Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band:

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Live from Spartan Stadium: 2006
Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band
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Kickstep Entrance01.Kickstep Entrance   1:03  
by James Curnow 
State Fanfare02.State Fanfare   0:57  
by James Curnow 
Eat 'em Up03.Eat 'em Up   0:18  
by Joseph Laird 
Pregame Fight04.Pregame Fight   0:37  
by Francis Lankey, William Moffitt 
Hockey Cheer05.Hockey Cheer   0:26  
by Leslie Campbell 
Spartan Warriors06.Spartan Warriors   0:31  
by John Madden 
Pregame Fight 207.Pregame Fight 2   0:49  
by Francis Lankey / William Moffitt 
MSU Shadows08.MSU Shadows   1:12  
by Bernard Traynor 
Hockey Cheer09.Hockey Cheer   0:25  
by Leslie Campbell 
Pregame Fight10.Pregame Fight   1:05  
by Francis Lankey / William Moffitt 
I Will Survive / You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling11.I Will Survive / You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling   1:43  
by Phil Spector, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil 
Rock 'N Roll in Paradise12.Rock 'N Roll in Paradise   2:10  
by Paul Stanley, Bob Ezrin, Jimmy Buffett 
Sweet Friends in Lowbana13.Sweet Friends in Lowbana   2:04  
by Neil Diamond, Dewayne Blackwell, Jack Feldman, Barry Manilow 
American piano Jude14.American piano Jude   1:48  
by Don McLean, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney 
Any Way You Want It15.Any Way You Want It   1:28  
by Steve Perry, Neal Schon 
Queen Opener16.Queen Opener   2:09  
by Freddie Mercury, Tim Staffell 
Circle of Life17.Circle of Life   1:43  
by Elton John, Tim Rice 
Aquarius18.Aquarius   1:38  
by Galt MacDermot 
Highlights from Wicked19.Highlights from Wicked   2:32  
by Stephen Schwartz 
Cat Scratch Fanfare / Old Time Rock & Roll20.Cat Scratch Fanfare / Old Time Rock & Roll   1:57  
by George Jackson 
Superstition / Uptight21.Superstition / Uptight   1:45  
by Stevie Wonder 
School's Out / Detroit Rock Summer22.School's Out / Detroit Rock Summer   2:18  
by Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce 
Carmen Sandiago / Match Game / $100,000 Pyramid23.Carmen Sandiago / Match Game / $100,000 Pyramid   2:09  
by Sean Altman, David Yazbek, Ken Bichel, Bob Cobert 
The Dating Game / Hollywood Squares / the Newlywed Game24.The Dating Game / Hollywood Squares / the Newlywed Game   2:50  
by David Mook, William Loose, Chuck Barris 
Family Feud25.Family Feud   1:02  
by Ed Kalehoff, John Lewin Parker 
Jeopardy / Wheel of Fortune / the Price is Right / Milloinaire26.Jeopardy / Wheel of Fortune / the Price is Right / Milloinaire   2:57  
by Merv Griffen, Alan Thicke, Edd Kalehoff, Matthew Strachan 
Also Funk zarathustra27.Also Funk zarathustra   1:21  
by Richard Strauss 
How Much is That Doggie in the Window / Who Let the Dogs Out? / Black Dog28.How Much is That Doggie in the Window / Who Let the Dogs Out? / Black Dog   2:11  
by Bob Merrill, Anslem Douglas, John Paul Jones 
Sing, Sing, Sing29.Sing, Sing, Sing   2:46  
by Louis Prima 
Everybody's Everything30.Everybody's Everything   2:51  
by Carlos Santana 
Reich drumming31.Reich drumming   2:10  
by Leslie Campbell 
The Series32.The Series   4:01  
by Bernard Traynor 
Band Day Beat33.Band Day Beat   1:11  
by Jon Weber 
Sparty Funk34.Sparty Funk   0:22  
by John Madden 
State Fanfare 235.State Fanfare 2   0:59  
by James Curnow 
Eat 'Em Up36.Eat 'Em Up   0:17  
by Joseph Laird 
Pregame Fight37.Pregame Fight   0:56  
by Francis Lankey, William Moffitt 
Falcone Fight38.Falcone Fight   1:48  
by Francis Lankey 
F Tuning / Ditty39.F Tuning / Ditty   0:58  
by Kevin Murray 
Total Playing Time: 1:01:27