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Peter Child, Professor of Music and a Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow at MIT - where he currently chairs the department of Music and Theater Arts, has written music in many different genres, including music for orchestra, chorus, computer synthesis, voice, and a wide variety of chamber groups. This recording features his music as performed by Boston Musica Viva, the Lydian Quartet, and the MIT Chamber Players.

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Child's Play
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Tableaux II by Peter Child
Shimmer01.I. Shimmer   5:19
Chimaera02.II. Chimaera   4:35
Quietus03.III. Quietus   4:09
Stomp04.IV. Stomp   4:06
String Quartet No. 1 by Peter Child
I. Allegro moderato05.I. Allegro moderato   2:36
With: Lydian Quartet
II. Tempo giusto06.II. Tempo giusto   3:34
With: Lydian Quartet
III. Poco adagio07.III. Poco adagio   4:04
With: Lydian Quartet
IV. Con moto08.IV. Con moto   2:12
With: Lydian Quartet
Trio by Peter Child
I. Celebration09.I. Celebration   6:42
With: MIT Chamber Players
II. Variation10.II. Variation   9:57
With: MIT Chamber Players
III. Reflection11.III. Reflection   5:34
With: MIT Chamber Players
IV. Gombosi romp12.IV. Gombosi romp   2:25
With: MIT Chamber Players
Total Playing Time: 55:13