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Soundset Recordings
Featuring Jill Felber & Claudia Anderson, flute, piccolo, alto flute
Jill Felber also appears on:

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Jill Felber -  flute
Betty Oberacker - piano
Jeremy Haladyna - piano
Claudia Anderson - flute
John Piirainen - pre-recorded piano
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Pan et les oiseaux01.Jules Mouquet: Pan et les oiseaux   6:26
Ecstatic Dances02.Ross Edwards: Ecstatic Dances   7:44
running the edgE03.Jennifer Higdon: running the edgE   6:19
With: John Piirainen - pre-recorded piano
Dreams Awake04.Anne Deane: Dreams Awake   6:10
Liquid Dialogues05.Richard Lavenda: Liquid Dialogues   8:35
Aluxes!06.Jeremy Haladyna: Aluxes!   3:37
With: Jeremy Haladyna - piano
Nocturne in D-Flat, Op. 27, No. 207.Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne in D-Flat, Op. 27, No. 2   5:58
With: Betty Oberacker - piano
Total Playing Time: 44:49