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The Now and Present Flute
Patricia Spencer -  flute
Linda Hall - piano
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Monody I, Op. 4301.George Perle: Monody I, Op. 43   4:15
Conversations02.Louise Talma: Conversations   5:23
With: Linda Hall - piano
Intimate Exchanges for Flute and Electronic Sounds03.Arthur Kreiger: Intimate Exchanges for Flute and Electronic Sounds   7:49
Scrivo in Vento04.Elliott Carter: Scrivo in Vento   5:56
With: Linda Hall - piano
Sonatine05.Pierre Boulez: Sonatine   14:22
With: Linda Hall - piano
Tenderness of Cranes06.Shirish Korde: Tenderness of Cranes   10:01
Stephen Jaffe: Three Figures and a Ground
Figure 107.I. Figure 1   2:27
Figure 208.II. Figure 2   3:05
Figure 309.III. Figure 3   5:12
Introduction and Ground10.IV. Introduction and Ground   7:48
Salvatore Martirano: Phleu
I. Phee11.I. Phee   3:58
With: Linda Hall - piano
II. Phile12.II. Phile   2:17
With: Linda Hall - piano
III. Phoo13.III. Phoo   1:19
With: Linda Hall - piano
IV. Phum14.IV. Phum   3:30
With: Linda Hall - piano
Total Playing Time: 1:17:22