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Ari Yoshioka plays with stunning technical skill and beauty the music of contemporary South American composers on this Neuma release. Many of the works on this recording are new and have never been recorded before, many of them having been premiered by Airi.

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Sueños Misticos
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Fanfarria, Aria y Movimiento Perpetuo01.Roberto Sierra: Fanfarria, Aria y Movimiento Perpetuo   6:16
Pablo Ortiz: Five Little Milonguitas
I.02.I.   1:17
II.03.II.   1:33
III.04.III.   1:11
IV.05.IV.   1:18
V.06.V.   1:30
Gabriela Lena Frank: Sueños de Chambi
Harawi de Quispe07.I. Harawi de Quispe   3:18
Diablicos Puneños08.II. Diablicos Puneños   3:30
Responsorio Lauramarqueño09.III. Responsorio Lauramarqueño   3:51
P'asña Marcha10.IV. P'asña Marcha   3:25
Adoración para Angelitos11.V. Adoración para Angelitos   2:42
Harawi de Chambi12.VI. Harawi de Chambi   3:27
Marinera13.VII. Marinera   2:34
14 For Airi14.Errollyn Wallen: 14 For Airi from For Airi   5:20
Axon15.Tania León: Axon   12:18
Paul Desenne: Suite for Violin Solo
Prélude ethno-mathématique16.I. Prélude ethno-mathématique   2:41
Sentimentallemande17.II. Sentimentallemande   4:17
Eau courante18.III. Eau courante   3:33
Vampire (Adagio Mahleriano vampiresco)19.IV. Vampire (Adagio Mahleriano vampiresco)   6:20
Bourrée20.V. Bourrée   3:33
Jungle Jig21.VI. Jungle Jig   2:27
Total Playing Time: 1:16:21