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Polish composer Dariusz Mazurowski releases his complete large-scale work, Non Acoustic Symphony, in seven parts for computer-generated sound. This composer has become well-known in Europe for combining his own invention and recorded sounds with digital technology and computers.

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Non Acoustic Symphony
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Secrets of Aerial Photography01.Secrets of Aerial Photography   6:56
4.5 Billion Years02.4.5 Billion Years   7:23
The Great Red Spot of Jupiter03.The Great Red Spot of Jupiter   6:55
Kraken Mare04.Kraken Mare   6:14
Termination Shock05.Termination Shock   6:03
Far Beyond the Heliopause06.Far Beyond the Heliopause   6:11
Fait Accompli07.Fait Accompli   5:54
Total Playing Time: 45:36